circ_big2Choosing a Buzzaway Backyard Mosquito Control System

Buzzaway offers two different versions of its outdoor mosquito control systems.  Our original system is the drum-based mosquito misting unit that set the industry standard.  Our latest innovation is a tankless mosquito misting system that represents the leading edge of backyard mosquito control and outdoor insect control technology.  This unit offers snap-in refills with no pre-mixing and digitally controlled dosing.

Regardless of the system you choose, rest assured that both are built with Buzzaway’s superior misting technology and backed by our unmatched commitment to quality.

Gen III+   –   Tankless Mosquito Misting System

mist-nozzle_2Gen III+ is the name we’ve given to our patented, state of the art, tankless mosquito misting system.  This innovation in backyard mosquito control is friendlier to consumers and offers more flexibility and control over the products that are misted.

Backyard Mosquito Control in a Snap!

The insecticide concentrate is supplied in a cartridge with a cap that snaps-in to Gen III+. Each time the system is activated, the unit precisely mixes a fresh batch of dilute insecticide from the botanical concentrate contained in the snap-in cartridge.
The real innovation in the Gen III+ Mosquito Misting system is Digital Dosing, which allows the user to program the controller with the dose rate of the insecticide.  With Gen III+, its easy to tailor the amount of active ingredient necessary to gain control over mosquitoes and other annoying insects, while using the least amount of insecticide. And it’s small enough to be placed anywhere in your backyard. Mosquito control couldn’t be easier.

Gen 1.3 – Drum Based Mosquito Misting System

Don’t let the fifty five gallon drum in our traditional unit, Gen 1.3. fool you.  We’ve engineered this system with the same quality and remoteattention to detail that goes into our Gen III+ tankless system. A molded plastic enclosure and soft waterproof cover provide weather tough protection for the system’s proprietary controller and other components. Before each programmed mist, an agitation cycle is activated to keep the insecticide solution well mixed and ensure that the concentration of the first mist is the same as the last. Like Gen III+, this unit can also be fitted with a number of options, including leak detection, a zone kit – increasing the number of nozzles it can supply – and a wind sensor.

Whichever unit you choose, you’ll be purchasing the highest quality mosquito misting system available.